Tramping gear

Tramping gear

Having the right gear with you can make the difference between a great day in the hills, an uncomfortable experience, or in extreme cases, survival. New Zealand’s weather is notoriously fickle, so being prepared for all conditions is essential.

For a day trip

All persons should carry their own personal gear. Clothing to be worn:
Wool or polyprop. T-shirt, shorts, socks (2 pr), boots & gaiters (Cotton clothing, jeans & tracks pants aren’t suitable), wool or fleece jacket.

Additional Clothing: Longjohns, long sleeve wool or polyprop, top, raincoat, overtrousers, socks, hat, gloves.

Gear: Pack with plastic liner, torch (hands-free headtorch recommended), spare bulb & batteries, whistle, matches, toilet paper, personal first aid kit, map & compass, plastic bags, pencil & paper.

Food: Drink bottle (1 litre), hot drink, lunch, snacks & spare food. (You should have enough food for one extra day).

Group gear: shelter (tent fly or bivvy bag), cooker and personal locator beacon (406MHz).

Multi-day trip

In addition to the above:

Food: a normal trip includes 1 breakfast, 2 lunches and 1 dinner, snacks, and spare food.

Additional gear: cup, plate, knife, spoon, candle, hut tickets, Change of clothing for hut, hut shoes (optional).

Sleeping gear: Sleeping bag, liner and mattress

Group gear: Consider taking a Mountain radio/Personal Locator Beacon (406MHz), GPS, cellphone.

In Winter: Extra clothing, socks, snow goggles, sun-screen, crampons, ice axe (check with leader).

Gear hire

The Club has a limited range of gear available to members for use on club or private trips. Gear includes:

  • Personal locator beacons (PLBs)
  • Tents, tent flys and bivvy bags
  • Billies
  • Ice axes, crampons, ice hammers

Contact the Gear Custodian for details