Billy Goat Creek

Billy Goat Creek

15 May 2024 - Trips

Geoff McKay 0274988376

We will do the Coppermine Loop Track including down to Billy Goat Creek (Mangaatua Stream). Some may wish to just do the Loop Track or only go part way down to Billy Goat Creek. The track down to Billy Goat Creek is lovely and I thank Ewen, Anne and Rod for taking me there recently on a reccy. From the car park we will do the loop clockwise. We will skirt down and work our way along the Creek to bypass the slip and then back up onto the track. You may get wet feet but I managed to keep my feet dry when Rod and I checked it out again this morning. I will drive the van. Offers of cars (with rego and preferred departure location) will be appreciated. The van will depart at 7:30 am to hopefully dodge traffic

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