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13 November 2024 - Trips

Terry Carkeek 021 378 446

This will be an easy tramp along generally well benched Tararua tracks with just a couple of small scrambles.
From Poads Road end it’s 1 1/2 hours walk on a benched track into the confluence of the Ohau river and Blackwater stream.
After reaching the old Ohau Shelter site we sidle the Gable End Ridge using Ozzies Track, a well benched unofficial track roughly 200 metres above the river.
There are two lunch spot options.
1. For the slower group a small scramble down to the river about 30 minutes from the shelter site will find a picnic table on a pleasant benched section above the river. Dry feet.
2. For the quicker group, a further hour of walking will see us drop down two contour lines to the Ohau River leaving roughly 40 metres of river travel to the confluence of the North and South Ohau Rivers for lunch. Possibly slightly wet feet.
Return to the car park using the same route.

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