MTSC Cycling – Linton and Beyond

MTSC Cycling – Linton and Beyond

22 September 2023 - Trips

Mary Mercer 027 372 5375

We will depart from the Esplanade side of the He Ara Kotahi bridge at 9.30 am to ride to Linton Army Camp, then right on to Camp Rd, left on to Whitmore Rd and right on to Weld Rd for a short distance. From there we will cycle through a private farm (with kind permission from the share farmer, Jared) and onto Akers Rd, near a railway crossing. Then it’s left into Te Puna Rd past the turn off for a bit, then back to Lochmoigh Rd, left into Lindon Drain Rd, right into Craws Rd then right into Linton Station Rd and along to the historic Craw house (built in 1897). Then it’s back to Akers Rd and a retrace of our route and on to the Esplanade Café for a coffee. Total distance is about 40 km with few hills. The farm track is unsealed and a bit bumpy but all the roads are sealed and fairly quiet.

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