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MTB Waipukurau Riverside etc trails

MTB Waipukurau Riverside etc trails

17 February 2024  -  18 February 2024 - Trips

Peter Rawlins 027 678 0747

This trip will run over the weekend of the 17th and 18th Feb. We will be basing ourselves in Waipukurau and looking at the riverside trails (easy) along the stop banks on limestone trials, or single tracks closer to the river along the same routes. There is also a mountain bike park with some nice intermediate trails (Gum tree farm). Our plan will be to drive up Saturday morning and play around in the mountain bike park in the afternoon. We will stay in the campground on Sat night. We will then do the riverside trails on Sunday. There is also scope for cafe stops etc. People may want to come up on Sat morning, or drive up later to join in the campground for Sat night, or else just drive up on Sun morning. We will start at 10am on Sunday. Contact Peter on 0276780747 if you want to know more (or just to let him know that you are interested). Could be a very fun sociable weekend with some biking added in.

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