Pukeatua Track, Otaki Forks

Pukeatua Track, Otaki Forks

30 August 2023 - Trips

Margaret McKenzie 022 473 1096

My plan for this tramp is to go to Otaki Forks and walk the Pukeatua Track which is a section of the TA Trail and connects Otaki Forks to Waikanae.
It involves a decent 45min walk from the road end into Otaki Forks and then a right turn past the DOC Rangers house following the Fenceline Loop Track about 700mĀ  to the junction with Pukeatua Track.
There will be a steady climb to the highest point (812m) with great views of Otaki Forks and the Tararuas if it's a nice day.
There is a shorter 3.5km easier track called the Arcus Loop on the other side of the Otaki River,over the bridge at Otaki Forks, for any one wanting another option on the day
We will be leaving Memorial Park at 7 30am

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