Naenae Road: Margaret McKenzie

Naenae Road: Margaret McKenzie

01 May 2024 - Trips

Margaret McKenzie 022 473 1096

The tramp will be at the end of Naenae Road,near Mangamaire,and will proceed on to farmland,across the Otangane stream  then further up on to the farmland where it can be a bit muddy sometimes. The track continues on in to the bush and then climbs quite steeply, helped by some steps built by the late Ian Argyle.
At the top the track meets the Otangane Loop track where we will turn left,head towards the Nipple knob for panoramic views on a good day and then continue on to turn left again and walk up to the Arawaru Trig, for the lunch stop.
This will be a there and back trip so folks can go as far as they wish. 
However it will be important at junctions to note the correct route, for safety reasons.

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