Pinnacle Circuit, Mt Holdsworth area

Pinnacle Circuit, Mt Holdsworth area

06 September 2023 - Trips

John Salisbury 021 160 2869

My idea for the main tramp is to do the Pinnacle Circuit in a clockwise manner. This will involve taking the track towards Akiwhakatu hut, crossing the Akiwhakatu River (about 15m wide, hopefully no higher than mid calf) early in in the day, (there are ropes to assist getting into and out of the river) then climbing steeply up to a track junction. Turning right and keeping to the ridge, we then climb to the top and steeply down to rejoin the river and back to the carpark. About 4 hrs in good weather.
In the event of high river level, we shall walk past the hut to the next bridge and as far as we like up the Baldy track and back.
Trampers who want a moderate climb can walk the Mt Holdsworth and Pig Flat tracks to the Mountain Lodge shelter, and back down the return loop, or for a relaxing day, walk to Akiwhakatu hut and back.
We must make sure each group has at least one radio and several trampers, this will be organised at the carpark. Each group will be self supporting.

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