Moturimu Whare

Moturimu Whare

07 February 2024 - Trips

Geoff McKay 027 4988 376

This is the place most South-bound TA hikers have their first overnight stop after leaving Palmerston North. This is an easy 8 km (each way) walk so suitable for everyone. Leave Palmerston North at 8:00 am. Meet at Arupuke Mountain Bike Park. Form into groups according to comfort level. Follow TA trail up Back Track, along Scott's Road, vear left to Gorden Kear Centre Road, cross style by locked gate and on to Moturimu Whare Campsite. Some may wish to go further on. Return across top of Arupuke Park, down over swingbridge and back along Sledge Track. Alternatives - Back Track or Zigzag Road. Bring cookies etc for a cuppa back at the car park.

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