To / Towards Matanginui from the East, Ewen Cameron

To / Towards Matanginui from the East, Ewen Cameron

21 February 2024 - Trips

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Matanginui is near Maharahara. Here's a link to the map.

The tramp next week is to/ towards Mataginui which is a summit, with great views (on a fine day), on the track from the Kumeti Road end to Maharahara (the summit of which offers little in the way of views). This is a there and back tramp up a stream, up onto a ridge and then up the long ridge to Matanginui...
If you plan on getting to Matanginui, you'll thank yourselves on the way back for taking pruning gear to prune back some of the leatherwood thats encroaching over the track in a few places. 
We'll leave PNth at 7:30am and will be away the entire time the Saddle Road is closed (9am to 4pm), so there will be plenty of time to get up onto the ridge and enjoy the bush and as you get along it and the views from it. There are a few nice clearings to simply sit and enjoy the place. (Last time we went this way, it had recently snowed: it was a miserable day, I am hoping for better conditions). 
On the recce, it took 30 mins to do the river section (you may get wet feet) and the climb up to the ridge another 30mins. I think we should plan to be back at the cars by 4pm

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