South Ohau Hut

South Ohau Hut

14 February 2024  -  15 February 2024 - Trips

Christine Finnigan 027 230 5032

Option 1:  Overnight to Sth Ohau hut.
 Follow the track to 6 disc, go up over the slip detour then down and over Blackwater bridge. A little further on, enter the river and  crisscross a number of times. There are a couple of bouldery sections and easy sections. You shouldn’t get wet other than your boots.
10 bunks , camping available. The website says $10/ night or a blue ticket.
The hut was partially reroofed and painted by Jean Garmin and others, finishing in March 22. Estimated time 5 hours ???

Option 2. Day trip
Travel the same route over the slip and back down to Blackwater bridge and on to the river but stop here (or go a little further) for lunch and a swim in a nice pool
Return the same day.
If the weather is poor, we will go somewhere else!
Hope you can come!

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