Cattle Creek Hut, Tim Swale

Cattle Creek Hut, Tim Swale

25 May 2024  -  26 May 2024 - Trips

Tim Swale 022 134 8384

This is an easy overnight trip to an old NZ Forest Service hut in the Ruahine Range not too far from Danevirke. It is a standard 8 bunk hut with a wood stove. You will need your own stove and it's a good idea to bring a sleeping mat and fly just in case we hit a crowded weekend. One hut ticket ($10) is required unless you have a back country hut pass. We will start from the Tamaki West road end and walk up Holmes ridge for lunch at Stanfield Hut. Then it is up to the saddle south-east of Takapari and north along the ridge before dropping down to Cattle Creek hut. Approximately 4 hours of walking. There are some great views travelling along the ridges but this also means good rain-jacket and over-trousers may be required as it is quite exposed.

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