Anja Scholz Carrington Loop

Anja Scholz Carrington Loop

22 February 2024 - Trips

Anja Scholz 027 749 5811

Carrington Loop starts at Holdsworth carpark, climbs steeply up to the look-out, and then meanders, dips to the Gentle Annie saddle, and climbs again to eventually meet up with the main Gentle Annie track. With long days still, and depending on the weather, we can decide whether to wander down the 'old tracks' on the way down, pop up to Mountain House and down River Ridge Track oder hit the 10 o'clock Cookie before closing (or is that too much of a Wednesday look-alike?). 
Start would be 7:30  -  a van driver volunteer is appreciated and I can take my car if needed (three spaces). 
In grotty weather there would still be a couple of easier options around Holdsworth (and if it storms like the other day then I haven't put enough coins in the sun-o-meter and we'll just see).
Aim of the day will be to spot the 'lost hunter's pack' that we saw last time (see trip report).

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