Lodge Food Carry

Lodge Food Carry

30 June 2023  -  02 July 2023 - Trips

Lodge Food Carry workparty

At Manawatu Lodge

Iwikau Village, Mt Ruapehu

Howie Nicholson / Mob 0272941941

Help us to stock the lodge with food, ready for a winter of skiing, sliding, shredding and climbing.

The lodge at Mt Ruapehu will be restocked with food in preparation for the upcoming Winter season, which
involves carrying a tonne of food from the Top 'o the Bruce Road to the lodge, and usually takes just a few
hours to complete. Porters, inventorialists, cleaners, stackers and scone makers are all welcome.
The lodge needs a jolly good clean, following recent construction work. Let's celebrate our success with a
sumptuous dinner while we are at it.

Transport from Manawatu will be by club minibus (Friday night) and private cars. Travelers from other
locations may be able to car pool. Please let me know asap if you are coming along.
Hopefully, we can enjoy some pre-season mountain delights before heading home. All welcome!

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